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Welcome to the monthly round-up for

31 May, 2022 Product news


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Welcome to the monthly round-up for

You may not know this but is a one-man show. It's one guy (me) doing the coding, the support, the design -- and writing this newsletter.

Here's what I got done in May:

1. Scoreboards for live streams

It's pretty easy these days to take a video feed from your phone or webcam and live-stream it to YouTube or Twitch. People often use a software like OBS to add extra features to the stream, such as scoreboards. I developed a feature that makes adding a scoreboard to a live stream simple, so that you can easily do something like this:

OBS scoreboard

Read the full blog post about this new feature here.

2. A retrospective of the last 12 months became my full-time job in March 2021. That's now (way over) a year ago so I wrote an article covering revenue, learnings, SEO tactics, and goals for these first 12 months. You can read it here.

3. A custom scoreboard app

In May, I spent most of my time building a custom score-keeping app for a client. I can't reveal it yet, but it has something to do with golf. Hopefully I can do a full reveal next month.

If you're interested in having a custom solution made, then have a look at my pricing.

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