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Publishing Race Results: How to put your results online

11 August, 2023 Case studies

How to create and publish an online leaderboard with your race results
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A free virtual queueing solution

23 May, 2023 Case studies

You can create your own virtual queue for your business in minutes, for free!
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A leaderboard tool for hackathons

17 May, 2023 Case studies

How to create an online leaderboard with a simple online tool
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How to create your own Eurovision scoreboard

16 April, 2023 Case studies

Step-by-step instructions for creating your own scoreboard, including how to let others vote on the winner.
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The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Successful Virtual Competition

27 January, 2023 Case studies

Everything you need to know about running an effective online competition or contest
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Online tally counters: what are they good for?

30 December, 2022 Case studies

A list of ways you can use an online tally counter. Plus a recommendation for an online tool that makes it simple to share your counters with others.
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Leaderboards: the quickest way to implement gamification

18 November, 2022 Case studies

How to improve engagement with team and personal goals using gamification and specifically leaderboards
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Everything you need to know about digital scoreboards

06 October, 2022 Case studies

A short introduction to digital scoreboards. They can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so this is a good place to start getting informed.
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How to create an online ranking system

08 September, 2022 Case studies

A short introduction on how to create a ranked online leaderboard including a software tool recommendation
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A leaderboard for timed events: races, gymnastics, time-trials and more

29 August, 2022 Case studies

Time trials, speed running, and any other timed events are now all possible on KeepTheScore, a simple online leaderboard maker.
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Leaderboard software for trade shows

08 April, 2022 Case studies

Here are some tips to help you add a digital leaderboard to your trade show or exhibition booth.
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How to run a prospecting day

24 March, 2022 Case studies

Here are 10 tips for running a successful prospecting day. We've spoken to some experts to help you get started.
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How to run a sales contest (including 8 ideas)

24 February, 2022 Case studies

Here we go through the dos and don't of creating a contest for your sales team. We also cover some of the best practices.
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How to create a simple leaderboard for your sales team

27 January, 2022 Case studies

Creating a sales leaderboard needn't be complicated or a lot of effort. We run through the things that matter.
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Create your own Algicosathlon leaderboard

07 December, 2021 Case studies

Everything you've ever want to know about Algicosathlons but have been afraid to ask. Including choosing a good scoreboard to display
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