How to add a scoreboard overlay to the Streamlabs mobile app 2024

Step-by-step instructions for adding a scoreboard overlay to your mobile Streamlabs live stream.

06 April, 2023 (last modified: 23 November, 2023) Broadcasting and streaming


Streamlabs, maker of the popular desktop streaming app, also has an excellent mobile app. Just like the desktop app, you can add widgets and overlays to give your live-stream a professional touch and provide valuable information to your viewers.

In this article, we'll show you how to add a scoreboard overlay to your mobile live stream!

💡 Note that this article applies to the Streamlabs mobile app. If you are using the desktop app, read this instead.

What is Streamlabs?

Streamlabs is a popular and free live-streaming software that provides a wide range of tools and features for streamers.

A man streaming a game from his phone using Streamlabs mobile app

One thing that Streamlabs does not offer, however, is the ability to add a scoreboard overlay to your stream. This is where we,, come in. We provide a free and easy-to-use solution that you can add to your Streamlabs stream in just a few minutes. Some features, such as uploading logos are paid, but the basic functionality is free. There are no watermarks or ads in our overlays.

Our product also comes with a stand-alone online scoreboard that you can share on social media or project onto a big screen. You are basically getting multiple scoreboards at once. All of them are live and update in real-time.

Top-level overview of adding the overlay

There are several steps to adding the scoring overlay to the mobile app. They are listed below and will be explained in more detail further down.

  1. Create a scoreboard on and customize it to your needs.
  2. Get hold of the overlay URL.
  3. Insert the overlay URL into the Streamlabs app.

Step 1: Create a scoreboard

In this step we create and customize the live scoreboard overlay. To begin, click here and then click the "CREATE SCOREBOARD" button to create a multipurpose scoreboard. You can also choose a specific sport from the dropdown labelled "CHOOSE YOUR SPORT"

You should then see the following. This is your "control panel".

OBS scoreboard control panel

Further down on this screen you can carry out all kinds of customizations, including changing the team names, colors and uploading logos.

You can also change the layout to be a scorebug layout, see below:

OBS scoreboard control panel

You will use this control panel to control the scores, once you have integrated the overlay into your stream.

💡 You can share the URL of the control panel to give someone else the ability to change scores.

Step 2: Get hold of the overlay URL

Next, we will get hold of the overlay URL (it will look something like this:

Click on the orange "GET SCOREBOARD" button at the top of the control panel. See below: control panel for a streaming overlay

Click on the blue "COPY TO CLIPBOARD" button on the dialog that appears. The URL should now be copied to your clipboard. control panel for a streaming overlay

Onto the final step!

Step 3: Insert the overlay URL into Streamlabs

The hardest thing about this step is getting the URL from the previous step onto the mobile device that you will be streaming from. You can do this in a few ways:

  1. Login to your account on the mobile device and then you will have access to the control panel. OR
  2. Carry out the above steps on the mobile device. Then you can just use your mobile clipboard to copy the URL. OR
  3. Send an email with the URL and open the email on your mobile device.

Once you have the URL on your mobile device, you can insert it into the Streamlabs app.

You will be adding the scoreboard overlay to a "scene". A scene is a collection of widgets and overlays that you can switch on and off.

To access scenes, open the Streamlabs Mobile App and select the 2 horizontal lines in the top left corner. control panel for a streaming overlay

Then select "Scenes".

💡 If you cannot see the scenes button shown below, it's because you are not logged into the app! control panel for a streaming overlay

Next, click on the "Create New Scene" button. control panel for a streaming overlay

Next enter a name for your scene and choose the "Custom" layout option. Then click "Create new scene". control panel for a streaming overlay

You are now in your newly created scene. Add a new layer by following the steps below until you get to the "Add a URL" option. control panel for a streaming overlay control panel for a streaming overlay control panel for a streaming overlay control panel for a streaming overlay

The following screen is the place where you will insert the URL from step 2. control panel for a streaming overlay

After clicking the "Add" button you will see the preview scene below. Use the carets at the corners to resize the overlay. to flatten it like in the screenshot below. control panel for a streaming overlay

You should also move the overlay to the top (or the bottom) of the screen. Now click on save and you are done! control panel for a streaming overlay

Note that you will also be asked to create the scene in the other phone oriention. The process is indentical so we will not cover it here.

You should now see the scoreboard overlay on your screen as show below and are ready to start streaming. To change the scores, use the control panel that you created in step 1. As already mentioned above, another person on another device can take care of the score-keeping and it will automatically update the overlay. control panel for a streaming overlay

Advantages of our solution

Just to remind you why the solution is great:

  • No software install is required to create or use the scoreboard overlay. All you need is a device that is capable of accessing the internet and has a browser.
  • The person who is doing the score-keeping can be somewhere else entirely!
  • It's free for basic use, but some extra features are paid.
  • A standalone scoreboard for sharing on social media or projecting onto a screen also comes included.
  • We will be adding features and new sports according to what YOU request.

Please give us feedback!

Do you have a question, feedback, or a feature request?

Great! We answer every message within 1 working day (sometimes on the weekend too). You can reach us in the following ways: