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A leaderboard tool for hackathons

Learn to build an online leaderboard for hackathons easily with our user-friendly tool. Perfect for real-time score tracking and competition monitoring


Level-up your hackathon

Leaderboards have long been a proven tool for motivation and engagement in various scenarios, from sales teams to video games. In the context of a hackathon, an online leaderboard offers multiple advantages.

An online leaderboard for a hackathon

Firstly, leaderboards foster a sense of healthy competition among participants. Seeing their own name or team rise in rankings or fall behind others can fuel participants' desire to innovate and improve their work.

Secondly, leaderboards provide transparency and facilitate fair competition. Participants can see their progress in real-time, compare their performance with others, and understand where they need to put more effort. The visible acknowledgment of their hard work can be a morale booster.

Remote Hackathons and Leaderboards

Remote hackathons have emerged as an alternative to in-person events. These online gatherings break down geographical barriers, allowing people from all over the world to participate. An online leaderboard fits naturally into this context.

The leaderboard's role is even more important in remote settings because it compensates for the lack of face-to-face interaction. It serves as a common focus point for everyone to engage, collaborate, and compete.

Scoring Ideas for Hackathons

The scoring system underpinning a leaderboard is integral to its success. For a hackathon, the following elements can be taken into consideration:

  1. Functionality: Does the project work as intended? Is it bug-free?

  2. Innovation: Does the project introduce a novel concept or approach?

  3. Scalability: Can the project be expanded or adapted for broader applications?

  4. Design: Is the project user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing?

  5. Presentation: How effectively does the team communicate their project’s concept and value?


To effectively implement a leaderboard in your next hackathon, look no further than This online leaderboard maker is easy to use and offers a variety of themes suitable for a wide range of events, including hackathons.

Setting up a leaderboard with is as simple as clicking the button above, customizing your leaderboard with appropriate styles, and inviting your participants. You can read more about what you can customize in the customization guide.

The intuitive interface allows you to focus on organizing the rest of your hackathon, knowing that the leaderboard is in good hands.

An online leaderboard for a hackathon

Using the API

One very useful feature of is its API. The API provides a way to programmatically update the leaderboard, saving time and minimizing errors associated with manual updates.

For a hackathon, the API can be a game-changer. It allows you to automate scoring based on predefined criteria, or even use it as part of the competition itself. For instance, you could challenge participants to integrate the API into their projects, bringing an extra layer of complexity and fun into the event.

In conclusion, an online leaderboard, especially when backed by platforms like, can add an exciting dimension to your hackathon, enhancing engagement and fostering a healthy spirit of competition. It's a simple but effective tool to keep everyone connected, engaged, and motivated in a remote hackathon.