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Create Your Own CS:GO Scoreboard (Works With CS2!)

Elevate your CS:GO stream with custom scoreboard overlays from Display stats, branding, highlight top players - engage viewers with a professional, personalized layout.


Standing out in the crowded world of CS:GO streams requires more than just exceptional gameplay. Professionalism and audience engagement are key to building a loyal fanbase. A custom CS:GO scoreboard overlay may be the secret weapon that elevates your stream from good to great!

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Level Up Your Stream with Custom Scoreboard Overlays

Generic scoreboards are a thing of the past. Elevate your CS:GO stream with custom-designed overlays! They not only display essential information but also reflect your unique style and brand. Here's how crafting a personalized scoreboard overlay can elevate your stream's production value and keep viewers engaged.

The Power of Customization for Streamers

Studies suggest that a streamer's overall presentation, including overlays and aesthetics, is a major factor when deciding to subscribe or follow a channel. With a CS:GO scoreboard overlay, you can personalize your stream, fostering a sense of community and brand recognition.

Benefits of Having a Custom Scoreboard Overlay

  • Highlighting Specific Stats Relevant to Your Commentary Style: Whether you focus on in-depth tactical breakdowns or fast-paced action analysis, a custom scoreboard lets you showcase the stats that resonate most with your audience.
  • Matching Your Stream's Overall Aesthetic for a Professional Look: A cohesive and visually appealing layout creates a polished and cohesive experience that keeps viewers engaged for longer.
  • Integrating Sponsor Logos or Branding Elements Seamlessly: Subtly incorporate sponsor logos or your own branding within the overlay for a professional touch and potential revenue generation.

Choosing the Right Overlay for You

With a range of design options and customizable features, you can tailor your scoreboard overlay to perfectly complement your stream's theme and content. Finding the perfect CS:GO scoreboard overlay is all about matching your style and content. Some popular options include:

  • Minimalist Overlays: These prioritize clean lines and essential information, ideal for streamers who favor a sleek and unobtrusive aesthetic.
  • Themed Overlays: Integrate your overlay with your stream's overall theme, whether it's a futuristic space station or a vintage arcade.
  • Character Overlays: Incorporate your mascot or avatar into the overlay design, fostering a strong brand identity.
  • Interactive Overlays: Consider overlays with clickable elements like donation buttons or social media links, boosting audience engagement.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your personal preferences and your stream's unique identity. Don't be afraid to experiment and find an overlay that perfectly complements your CS:GO content!

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Promoting Your Stream with Overlays

Your custom CS:GO scoreboard overlay can be a powerful promotional tool. Subtly integrate your social media handles or website URL directly into the overlay reminding viewers where to find you beyond the stream.

You can even leverage the overlay to showcase upcoming tournaments you'll be participating in or run mini-contests during breaks, keeping your audience engaged and informed. By creatively utilizing your overlay's real estate, you can effectively promote your stream and build a loyal following.

Key Components Breakdown for Stream Engagement

A well-designed CS:GO overlay should provide viewers with all of the essential information they need to follow the action. Here are the key elements to consider including when creating your overlay.

Team Names and Scores

This is a must-have, allowing viewers to easily identify teams and track the overall progress of the match. Consider highlighting the winning team or incorporating animated elements for a dynamic look.

Player Kills, Deaths, and Assists (KDA)

These stats are the bread and butter of competitive CS:GO. Displaying KDA allows viewers to identify top performers and track individual player contributions.


The in-game economy plays a crucial role in CS:GO strategy. Displaying team and individual player money allows viewers to understand purchasing decisions and anticipate future plays.

Bomb Planted/defused

This is a vital indicator of round progress, especially in Search & Destroy mode. Highlight the bomb status visually or with sound effects for added emphasis.

MVP (Most Valuable Player)

Recognizing the MVP at the end of each round or map adds a layer of interactivity and encourages friendly competition among viewers.

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Creating Your Online CS:GO Scoreboard

Whether you're a seasoned streamer or just starting out, a custom scoreboard overlay can significantly enhance your CS: GO stream. empowers you to create a custom CS:GO live scoreboard that perfectly reflects your stream's unique identity. With our intuitive design tools, customization, and wide range of features, crafting a professional-looking overlay is easier than ever.

By utilizing a custom CS:GO scoreboard overlay, you can elevate your stream's production value, engage your audience on a deeper level, and stand out from the competition. So, what are you waiting for? Create your personalized CS:GO overlay today and take your stream to the next level!

To get started, click on the button below:

Congrats, you have just created your first overlay. Your screen should now look as follows:

The web-based control panel for a score overlay

The overlay control panel

The screen is divided into 3 sections:

Top section: Scoreboard

This shows a live preview of your score overlay. To get the link that you add to your streaming software, click the orange button that says "GET SCOREBOARD LINK." The link must be added as a "browser source".

Once you have added the overlay to your stream, you can control the scores from this screen. Any changes you make to the scores or the styling will instantly be reflected on the live overlay.

Middle section: Controls

This is where you change the scores. Anyone who has access to this page can change the scores, even when your OBS instance is running on another computer. Click the orange button labelled "SHARE ADMIN LINK" to get the correct link to change the scores. Note that this is a different link to the one you add to your streaming software.

Bottom section: Setup

This is where you change the colors, team names and logos of your overlay.

Uploading a logo will replace the default trophy icon visible next to the team names.

Please note that customization of your overlay will eventually become a feature that requires paid membership.

💡 NOTE: This overlay is currently a work-in-progress and there are still many features to come. If you have a particular request, please get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Live Stream Overlay?

A live stream overlay is a graphic element displayed on top of your main gameplay screen during a live stream. It can include various components such as chat windows, alerts, and, of course, custom scoreboards.

How Do I Add a Scoreboard to a Live Stream?

Here's how to seamlessly integrate your CS:GO scoreboard from into your live stream:

  1. Create Your Scoreboard: Head over to and explore their design tools. Choose a pre-made template or build your scoreboard from scratch. Customize the layout, colors, fonts, and data points displayed to match your stream's aesthetic and commentary style.
  2. Get the Overlay URL: Once you're happy with your design, click the "Publish" button. will generate a unique URL for your scoreboard overlay. This URL acts as the link that your streaming software will use to display the scoreboard live.
  3. Add the Overlay to Your Streaming Software: The specific steps for adding an overlay will vary depending on your chosen streaming platform. Here's a general guideline:
    • OBS Studio: In OBS, navigate to the "Sources" section and click the "+" icon. Choose "Browser" from the options. In the "URL" field, paste the overlay URL you obtained earlier. Adjust the size and position of the browser source within your mainstream layout.
    • Streamlabs OBS: Similar to OBS, navigate to the "Sources" section in Streamlabs OBS. Click the "+" icon and select "Web Source." Paste the overlay URL and configure the size and position as needed.
    • XSplit: In XSplit, go to the "Add Source" menu and select "Webpage." Paste the overlay URL and adjust the size and position within your stream layout.
  4. Go Live! With your custom CS:GO scoreboard integrated, you're now ready to launch your stream and impress your viewers with a professional and engaging presentation.

Remember: offers real-time updates, so any changes you make to your scoreboard will automatically reflect in your live stream. This allows for dynamic adjustments during the broadcast, keeping the information fresh and relevant for your audience.

How Do I Add a Scoreboard to OBS?

The popular streaming software OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) allows you to integrate your CS:GO scoreboard overlay as an image or graphic file.

  1. As mentioned above, in OBS, navigate to the "Sources" section and click the "+" icon.
  2. Choose "Browser" from the options.
  3. In the "URL" field, paste the overlay URL you obtained earlier.
  4. Adjust the size and position of the browser source within your mainstream layout.
  5. And that’s it! You’re ready to stream with your new overlay.

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