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Create a sales leaderboard in seconds

Create and share simple leaderboards with your team. Budget-Friendly, Big Impact. No complex integrations, just use Excel

Super easy to use

Our users have told us again and again how much they love the simplicity and design of the user interface.

Collaborate, share, publish

Sharing or publishing your progress is as simple as sending a link via Whatsapp or email. Easy to add to any website.

Pricing to suit your needs

We offer a free plan (supported by ads), a monthly subscription, and a plan for one-time events.

Fully customizable

Use your own brand colors, set profile pictures, and upload a logo to make it your own.

Display on any device

Show your board on a big screen, a tablet or a phone. It works on any device with an internet connection

Five minutes to setup

Start tracking what matters to your business in minutes. No technical skills required.

More fun, more performance

Gamification works. It increases motivation, competition and overall positive outcomes. Create a leaderboard for your team in seconds and try it yourself.

How to gamify your sales process
A sales leaderboard being shown in a meeting. The leaderboard was created online.

Track goals in your team

Track sales and marketing goals easily using an online goal tracker. Start with a simple setup: choose a metric and update data regularly.

Create a goal tracker for your team
Sales scores are being added to a leaderboard via mobile phone

Works on any device

You can update, edit and create boards from your laptop, desktop, mobile phone, iPad or tablet. It works on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. You just need a browser and internet!

Sales scores are being added to a leaderboard via mobile phone

Competitions for the win

Contests are a good way to motivate your team. With a virtual leaderboard you can make them work remotely or on-site.

Ideas for a sales competition
A leaderboard to track sales that is being view on an ipad.

Create a prospecting dashboard

Have you tried a prospecting day? It's all about energy and enthusiasm. Not only do events like this top up the sales pipeline, they are also a very effective way of building cameradie in a team.

How to run a prospecting day
A dashboard and leaderboard for a large sales team that is having a prospecting day.

Why people love KeepTheScore

We host an annual fundraiser called Month of Giving. What generates the most excitement is a fundraising competition between local chapters of Metallica’s fan club. We use to provide daily updates and incentivize participating chapters to continue raising money. The tool is straightforward, easy to customize, and has become an invaluable part of our campaign. The customer service is among the best we’ve come across.

All Within My Hands: Non-Profit Organization Founded By Metallica
All Within My Hands
Non-Profit Organization Founded By Metallica

I’m really impressed with leaderboards! It has allowed us to easily add a fun and competitive element to our fundraising events. It is also super simple to integrate the leaderboards onto our existing website, and to update them whenever we need to.

Steven Carney: Digital Fundraising Manager, Walton Center Charity, UK
Steven Carney
Digital Fundraising Manager, Walton Center Charity, UK

We used for a Hang Challenge at my company for fundraising. We loved how easy andsmooth it was to use it, and the live updates were a big WOW! Also, being able to update the company logo and each player’s profile picture gave it a personal touch and encouraged more participants. Keep up the good work!

Mark Massoud: Event Organizer, Montreal, Canada
Mark Massoud
Event Organizer, Montreal, Canada

I'm using to incentivize competition among our organizations. Great product, efficient and really good service.

Jose: Partnerships Manager,, Spain
Partnerships Manager,, Spain

Good price for a simple scoring software. Exactly what we needed for a sales competition for our wholesale dealer base. I love all the different design options! We have a baseball theme for the competition.

Alex Carter: Sales Manager, Dynamic Wholesale Inc.
Alex Carter
Sales Manager, Dynamic Wholesale Inc.

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