Publishing Race Results: How to put your results online

How to create and publish an online leaderboard with your race results

11 August, 2023 Case studies



Once the hard part of organizing and running a race is over, there is still one final task that may stump you — putting the results online!

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These days participants and spectators expect to access race results at their fingertips. We are going to be using, a tool that makes publishing leaderboards online as simple as possible. Note that it does not connect to any external data sources — you must enter the data yourself. However, once your data has been added, it will be available as a stand-alone webpage that you can share publicly.

Keepthescore also makes it easy to update and edit your results once they have been published.

The race is done. What now?

A bunch of people participating in a race

Let's assume that the race is over and you have a list of all participants and their results. This will probably be in the form of a spreadsheet.

The steps that come next are:

  1. Create an online leaderboard
  2. Configure and style the leaderboard
  3. Share the leaderboard

Let's look at these steps in detail.

Creating a new online leaderboard

First of all copy all of your race data into your computer's clipboard. On Excel you can do this by first selecting all the relevant data and then pressing the keys CTRL+V.

The data needs to be in this format:

Peter Pan 12:32:33
Wendy Jane 12:32:22
Fred Flintstone 14:32:33

In other words, a name followed by the score. The names do not need to be ordered: Keepthescore will take care of that for you.

💡 NOTE: Your scores can be in the following formats:
  • Times
  • Whole numbers or integers
  • Decimals (either with 1 or 2 decimal places)

Keepthescore will automatically choose the format that suits your results best.

Once the data is copied to your clipboard, click the following button:

You are now on the leaderboard creation page. Scroll to the text box at the bottom and paste your results into it as follows:

Using copy and paste to create a new leaderboard

Once you have done that, click the orange "CREATE LEADERBOARD" button and your leaderboard will be created. It will look as follows: (notice that the participants have already been ranked by their times)

Using copy and paste to create a new leaderboard

Configure and style your leaderboard

The leaderboard you just created is sorted from largest to smallest score. This is probably not what you want if you are publishing race results: you want the lowest time at the top!

To change the sorting:

  1. Click on "SETTINGS"
  2. Click on "Players and sorting"
  3. Change the dropdown to "Lowest score at the top"
  4. Click on "SAVE"

Keepthescore also offers numerous options for customizing the design of your leaderboard:

  • Click on "Colors and themes" to modify the visual theme.
  • Click on "SETTINGS" to upload a logo which will be shown above the leaderboard.
  • There are many other customizable features in the settings menu, so feel free to explore and adjust them as you wish.
  • If you want to upload images for each player (as shown above), click on the player's name in the leaderboard.

Please be aware that uploading images requires a paid membership!

Publish the leaderboard

The most important thing is sharing your leaderboard. This requires getting hold of the unique link which other people can use to view the results. The link will show a read-only version of your results, so that nobody else can change them.

To get the unique public link, click on the "PUBLISH" button. You will then see the dialog below:

Sharing a race results leaderboard

Now click on "Share the public link" and follow the instructions. This will give you a link that you can send via WhatsApp, messenger or email. Everyone with the link will see the leaderboard, but will not be able to edit it!

There are also advanced options for sharing the results:

  • You can also download the scoreboard as an image to include it in a document or presentation
  • You can embed a live widget on your site that shows the leaderboard. Note that this requires a subscription to the "PRO" pricing tier

By the way, updating the leaderboard with new scores or participants is simple - just use the blue buttons next to each player to increase or decrease their scores.

Please give us feedback

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