Create your own March Madness Leaderboard

Discover how to create engaging March Madness leaderboards, tailor them to your preferences, and share with your community or friends.

08 March, 2024 Case studies


March Madness, the annual NCAA college basketball tournament, captivates millions with its unpredictable upsets and thrilling finishes. Its popularity stems from the excitement of the bracket system, where fans predict the outcomes of all games, leading to widespread participation in bracket challenges both online and in-person.

A custom March Madness leaderboard

In this guide, we’ll walk you through creating a March Madness leaderboard, perfect for tracking your bracket challenge with friends, family, or colleagues.

Picking the Right Tool

We'll be using, which is an online app. It was used to create the leaderboard above. The app is very user-friendly, allowing anyone with a computer to make a leaderboard without any hassle. It's completely free to start, and the leaderboard is its own stand-alone webpage that is sharable via WhatsApp or email.

Creating Your March Madness Leaderboard

Follow these simple steps to set up your leaderboard:

  1. Click the button above 👆 and input your leaderboard details.
  2. Add the names of the teams or participants. Use team logos or emojis 🏀🎉 for added fun.
  3. Click "CREATE LEADERBOARD" to view your new board.
  4. Customize your leaderboard with a basketball background by clicking on "SETTINGS" in the control panel and then navigating to the "background" section. For more on customization, see our leaderboard customization guide.
  5. That's it, you're done 👏

Your leaderboard is now ready for the March Madness season!

💡Tip: Upgrading to premium allows you to add a custom logo, enhancing your leaderboard’s identity.

Understanding the Costs

Starting is free with minimal ads. For an ad-free experience with additional features, consider upgrading to the premium version.

March Madness-Themed Activities

A basketball court with lots of people

Here are some ideas for activities or games you can track with your brand-new leaderboard:

  1. Bracket Challenges: The classic March Madness activity. Participants fill out their brackets before the tournament, predicting the winners of each game.

  2. Fantasy Basketball: Similar to other fantasy sports, create teams of players from the tournament. Points are based on real-life performances.

  3. Game Predictions: Before each round, participants predict the outcomes. Award points for accuracy, with bonuses for exact score predictions.

  4. Trivia Nights: Host trivia events focused on NCAA basketball history, famous players, and memorable moments.

  5. Team Spirit Contests: Encourage participants to show their team spirit through decorations, attire, or social media posts. Award points for creativity and enthusiasm.

  6. Highlight Reel Competitions: Challenge participants to create highlight reels of tournament games. Points for editing skills, music choice, and moments captured.

  7. Social Media Challenges: Create challenges on social media related to the tournament. This could include predicting the player of the game, sharing game-day snacks, or posting reaction videos.

  8. Sportsmanship Recognition: Reward points for acts of sportsmanship, whether it’s acknowledging a great play by an opposing team or showing respect for referees and opponents.

Leveraging a March Madness leaderboard adds an engaging competitive layer to the tournament, keeping friends, family, or colleagues connected and entertained throughout the event.