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Perfect for live streaming

Easily add the thermometer to your live streaming software such as OBS or XSplit.

Donation goals in OBS
A goal thermometer being shown in a live stream.

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You can update, edit and create new goal trackers from any device that has a browser.

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A goal thermometer being controlled on a tablet.

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Reasons for using KeepTheScore

Embed a widget

We make it very easy to add the tracker to any website. On updating the numbers, the widget will update automatically.

Easy sharing

Share your tracker by sending a link via email, WhatsApp or posting to social media.

Live chat

Each tracker has the ability to show user comments, including animated gifs or other images.

Download as image

Download a high-resolution PNG image of your tracker to use in presentations or documents.

Live streaming

Easily add the tracker to your live streaming software such as OBS or XSplit.


Instantly give your tracker a new look with one of our ready-made themes.

What is an online fundraising thermometer?

A fundraising thermometer is a digital tool used to visually track and display the progress of a fundraising campaign towards its financial goal. It helps engage donors and encourage more contributions by demonstrating the impact of their donations.

Why should I use an online fundraising thermometer for my campaign?

They offer several benefits, including:

When is it appropriate to use a fundraising thermometer?

They can be used in various situations, such as:

How can I incorporate a thermometer into my campaign

You can integrate a fundraising thermometer into your campaign using various channels, such as: