How to Create Your Own Climbing Wall and Bouldering Leaderboard

A step-by-step guide to setting up an online leaderboard for climbing wall owners and bouldering competition organizers, making it easy share results.

30 March, 2024 How to


Hello, Climbing Enthusiasts! Ever considered enhancing the competitive edge of your climbing gym or bouldering event with a custom leaderboard? 🧗‍

A climbing wall and bouldering leaderboard

This post will guide you through creating an engaging online leaderboard for your climbing wall or bouldering competition. Ideal for gym owners and event organizers, this tool will help you display climbers' rankings in real-time, accessible both on desktop, mobile devices and public displays, making your events more dynamic and engaging.

Choosing the Right Tool

While there are many ways to track and display rankings we will look at one tool which is:

  • Light-weight
  • Simple to update
  • Cost-effective
  • Customizable to match your branding
  • Accessible to participants and spectators

We recommend using, a platform that allows you to create and share leaderboards easily by uploading an Excel file. This approach is perfect for those who wish to manage their competition or gym rankings without the hassle of complex software.

People in an indoor climbing venue

Setting Up Your Climbing Leaderboard

You have 2 primary options for creating your leaderboard:

1. Use an Existing Excel File

For gym owners or competition organizers already tracking data in Excel, this is the most straightforward method. Perform your calculations within Excel and upload the file to generate your leaderboard. To update, simply re-upload the Excel file. This method is great for detailed tracking of climbers' progress and rankings.

To begin, click the button below 👇

After creation, customize your leaderboard's appearance through the "SETTINGS" menu. For more on customization options, visit our leaderboard customization guide.

2. Create a Basic Leaderboard

If you prefer not to use Excel, select this option. It results in a simpler leaderboard, with a single score per climber or team.

  1. Click the button above and fill in your leaderboard's basic information.
  2. Enter details such as climbers' names and optionally add logos or emojis for a personal touch.
  3. After clicking "CREATE LEADERBOARD," your leaderboard will be ready and accessible online.

Updates to standings and scores can be made directly on the platform.

💡 Tip: Premium users can further personalize their leaderboard by uploading a custom logo. Use a PNG with a transparent background for optimal results.

Engage Your Climbing Community

Once your leaderboard is set up, share it with participants and spectators to enhance the competition experience:

  1. Click "PUBLISH" to ready your leaderboard for sharing.
  2. Choose your preferred sharing method. For public scores, Share the public link is most straightforward.
  3. Your leaderboard is now live for all to see.

Sharing your climbing and bouldering leaderboard

If you want to do more with your leaderboard, you can also

Start at No Cost

The basic services for creating and managing your leaderboard are available for free, meeting the needs of most climbing gyms and competitions. This version is supported by ads. For additional features and an ad-free experience, consider upgrading to a premium plan.