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Valorant Scoreboard Overlay For Streamers

Enhance your Valorant streams with dynamic scoreboard overlays. Learn how to choose and install overlays for better viewer engagement and professional aesthetics.


Dominating the battlefield in Valorant is thrilling, but captivating your audience requires more than just in-game prowess. These days, streamers rely on visuals and informative overlays to stay engaged.

What Is Valorant?

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Developed by Riot Games, Valorant is a free-to-play tactical first-person shooter that's exploded in popularity. With a focus on teamwork, strategy, and gunplay, Valorant boasts over 14 million monthly active players (source: Active Esports viewership for Valorant has also skyrocketed, reaching a peak of 1.5 million concurrent viewers during the 2023 VCT Champions Tour (source: Esports Charts).

Using Valorant Scoreboard Overlays

For streamers, a well-designed Valorant scoreboard overlay provides a seamless way to display crucial in-game information without obstructing gameplay. This not only enhances the overall aesthetic of your stream but also offers viewers a clear understanding of the match's progress, player performance, and key statistics.

Different Types of Valorant Scoreboard Overlays

There are several ways to approach Valorant scoreboard overlays, each catering to different levels of technical expertise and customization needs. Here's a breakdown of the popular options:

Static Overlays (Pre-Designed Images)

These offer a quick and easy solution. Some websites provide free and premium pre-made Valorant scoreboard overlays with various themes and styles. While these lack real-time updates, they're perfect for beginners who want a visually appealing solution.

Stream Deck Integration for Live Stat Updates

Stream Deck, a popular customizable controller, can be paired with software like Overwolf's Stream Deck App to display live in-game stats on your overlay. This offers more dynamic information but requires some setup. currently doesn’t offer this integration but if this interests you, please let us know.

Third-party software with Customizable Features

Advanced users can opt for dedicated overlay software like to add to streaming software like Streamlabs, OBS, or vMix. This type of software can offer extensive customization options, allowing you to design unique Valorant scoreboard overlays with real-time data like kills, deaths, and economy.

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How to Install and Use a Valorant Scoreboard Overlay

Installation steps vary depending on the chosen method. Here's a general guideline:

  • Choose your overlay: Select a static image, configure Stream Deck integration, or design your overlay in third-party software like
  • Import the overlay: In your streaming software (e.g., OBS Studio), add a new "Image" source and locate your chosen overlay file.
  • Position and adjust: Resize and position the overlay to your preference. Ensure it doesn't obstruct gameplay or vital in-game elements.
  • For dynamic overlays: If using software with live data integration, follow its specific instructions to link it with Valorant.

Troubleshooting Common Overlay Issues

  • Overlay not showing: Double-check if the image source path is correct in your streaming software. Restart your software and computer if necessary.
  • Live stats not updating: Ensure the overlay software has permission to access Valorant data. Check for software updates or consult the program's support documentation.

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Benefits of Using Valorant Scoreboard Overlays

Enhance Stream Aesthetics and Professionalism

A well-designed Valorant scoreboard overlay elevates the visual appeal of your stream. Professional-looking overlays contribute to a polished and engaging experience for viewers, setting you apart from streamers who lack such elements.

Provide Viewers with Easy-To-Access Information

Scoreboard overlays keep viewers informed without forcing them to constantly glance at the in-game scoreboard. This is crucial for fast-paced games like Valorant, where every second counts. Easy access to player performance lets viewers stay invested and understand the overall match flow more easily.

Track Personal Stats and Performance Over Time

Some overlay software allows you to track your performance throughout streams or multiple sessions. This can be valuable for self-improvement, allowing you to identify areas for growth and showcase your progress over time.

Key Components Breakdown for Stream Engagement

Effective Valorant scoreboard overlays should highlight specific information to maximize viewer engagement. Here are some essential components to consider displaying on your overlay.

Team Names and Scores

Clearly display team names and current scores. Consider using contrasting colors for easy readability.

Player Kills, Deaths, and Assists (KDA)

Showcase individual player performance with KDA stats. Highlight the top performers to create excitement.


Displaying player and team economy adds another layer of information, allowing viewers to understand purchase decisions and potential game swings.

MVP (Most Valuable Player)

Highlight the MVP of each round or match. Valorant's MVP system isn't simply based on kills. It considers a complex formula including Average Combat Score (ACS), which factors in elements like:

  • Kills
  • Assists
  • First bloods (bonuses for securing the first kill)
  • Spike plants and defuses
  • Damage dealt

Agent Icons

Including icons for each agent (playable character) adds a layer of recognition for viewers familiar with Valorant lore and abilities.

Our Recommendation: A Minimalist Design

While informative, avoid cluttering the overlay. Prioritize essential stats and maintain a clean layout for optimal readability.

Creating Your Online Valorant Scoreboard

If you're looking to craft a unique Valorant scoreboard overlay, consider creating a fully customizable overlay using

To create your own overlay, begin by clicking the button below:

Congrats, you have just created your first overlay. Your screen should now look as follows:

The web-based control panel for a score overlay

The overlay control panel

The screen is divided into 3 sections:

Top section: Scoreboard

This shows a live preview of your score overlay. To get the link that you add to your streaming software, click the orange button that says "GET SCOREBOARD LINK." The link must be added as a "browser source".

Once you have added the overlay to your stream, you can control the scores from this screen. Any changes you make to the scores or the styling will instantly be reflected on the live overlay.

Middle section: Controls

This is where you change the scores. Anyone who has access to this page can change the scores, even when your OBS instance is running on another computer. Click the orange button labelled "SHARE ADMIN LINK" to get the correct link to change the scores. Note that this is a different link to the one you add to your streaming software.

Bottom section: Setup

This is where you change the colors, team names and logos of your overlay.

Uploading a logo will replace the default trophy icon visible next to the team names.

Please note that customization of your overlay will eventually become a feature that requires paid membership.

💡 NOTE: This overlay is currently a work-in-progress and there are still many features to come. If you have a particular request, please get in touch!

Remember, a well-designed overlay goes beyond functionality; it's an extension of your stream's personality and branding. So take the time to create an overlay that reflects your unique style and keeps your audience glued to the action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Add a Valorant Tracker to My Stream?

There are three main approaches to adding a Valorant tracker to your stream:

  1. Static Overlays: Download pre-made Valorant scoreboard overlays that you can import as images into your streaming software (e.g., OBS Studio). These lack live updates but provide a quick and easy visual solution.
  2. Stream Deck Integration: If you have a Stream Deck controller, you can use software like Overwolf's Stream Deck App to display live Valorant stats on your overlay. This requires some setup but offers dynamic stat updates.
  3. Third-Party Software with Customization: allows extensive customization for creating overlays with real-time data like KDA, money, and even agent icons.

How to Show Valorant Rank on OBS?

Unfortunately, there's currently no direct way to pull your Valorant rank and display it on OBS through in-game data. However, some workarounds exist:

  • Create a custom leaderboard: You could create a custom leaderboard from in less than 60 seconds. Free options are available as well, with premium plans available for additional customization and options.
  • Manually Add Rank Text: You can create a text element in OBS and manually update it with your current rank. While not ideal, it offers basic rank display.
  • Third-Party Overlays with Rank Integration: Some overlay software from third-party developers might offer Valorant rank integration. Explore options and check their documentation for specific instructions.

How Do I Get an Overlay for My Stream?

There are several ways to acquire a Valorant stream overlay:

  • Free Pre-Made Overlays: Some websites offer a variety of free downloadable Valorant scoreboard overlays in various styles.
  • Paid Pre-Made Overlays: Many online marketplaces sell high-quality, customizable Valorant stream overlays with unique designs.
  • Create Your Own: With graphic design software like Photoshop or online tools like, you can create a custom overlay that perfectly matches your stream's branding.
  • Streamer Communities: Online forums and communities for Valorant streamers often share resources like pre-made templates or inspiration for creating your own overlay.

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