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Fundraising Goal Tracker: Thermometer Template (Free Download)

Free downloadable fundraising goal tracker templates help you visualize progress and keep donors engaged. Track donations, set milestones, and motivate your team to reach your campaign goals.


Fundraising campaigns require meticulous planning and constant monitoring of progress. They can be challenging and keeping your donors engaged and motivated throughout your fundraising campaign is critical to reaching your goals. One effective way to achieve this is by using a visual fundraising goal tracker.

A fundraising goal tracker template serves the same purpose for your fundraising campaign, providing a visual representation of your progress and keeping your donors motivated throughout the journey.

This article explores the power of fundraising goal trackers and offers free downloadable fundraising goal tracker templates you can customize for your next campaign!

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What is a Fundraising Goal Tracker Template?

A fundraising thermometer template is a pre-designed tool that helps you monitor your fundraising progress toward a set financial target. These templates come in various formats, including:

  • Printable Templates / Charts: These classic charts and paper-based templates are ideal for visual learners who appreciate a tangible progress tracker.
  • Spreadsheet Templates: Spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets offers customizable templates that allow for data entry and real-time progress updates.
  • Online Fundraising Platforms: Many online fundraising platforms integrate goal tracker tools that automatically update as donations come in.
  • Third-Party Online Goal Trackers: In some cases you may have to track the fundraising efforts on your own, but want to share progress with others. Third-party tools such as’s online goal tracker are perfect for this. Using our software, you can easily create & customize your own tracker in under a minute, and get a link to share with your fundraisers and donors. You can even embed this on your own website, or share on a live-stream.

A goal tracker template should always include:

  • Campaign Goal: This is the total amount of money you aim to raise.
  • Donation Tracker: A section to record incoming donations and track progress toward your goal.
  • Timeframe: Indicate the start and end date of your fundraising campaign.
  • Visual Representation: A thermometer or progress bar is a common visual element that depicts progress toward the goal.
  • Milestone Markers: Highlighting key milestones alongside the progress bar can boost team morale and create a sense of accomplishment.

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Benefits of Using a Fundraising Goal Tracker Template

Improved Tracking: A goal tracker template allows you to meticulously record and monitor incoming donations. This data can then be used to analyze campaign performance and identify areas for improvement.

Enhanced Motivation: Seeing progress visually represented on a tracker can be incredibly motivating for both fundraising organizers and donors. A rising thermometer or a filling progress bar signifies the campaign's success and encourages continued efforts.

Boosts Accountability: A fundraising goal tracker serves as a constant reminder of your campaign's objective. With a clear target and progress visibly displayed, it fosters a sense of accountability amongst fundraising teams, ensuring everyone's focused on achieving the common goal.

Saves Time: Utilizing a pre-designed template eliminates the need to spend time creating your own tracker from scratch. This allows you to focus your efforts on the more critical aspects of your fundraising campaign, such as outreach and donor engagement.

Downloadable Fundraising Goal Tracker Thermometer Templates

If you are looking for simple downloadable PDF file of a thermometer that you can fill out yourself, please click here.

However, maybe an online tracker is more suitable to what you require? Here at, we understand the importance of having the right tools to make your fundraising campaign a success. Our online goal trackers are versatile and customizable to your heart's content. Use them to keep track of your fundraising goal or any other goal you want to track. You can have one or multiple goals on the same tracker. Fully customizable to your needs, including a vertical orientation.

A template for a goal. The theme is CONTEST

Each goal tracker comes with the following for free!

  • It's a standalone webpage that you can share with others
  • You can give other people admin access by sending them a link
  • No login or app download required
  • Allow anyone to post their own comments
  • Includes animations and sound effects

By implementing a fundraising goal tracker, you’re equipping yourself with a valuable tool to monitor progress, boost motivation, and ultimately achieve your goals. So, get started using one of our free templates today and embark on a successful fundraising journey!

A template for a goal. The theme is C1

A template for a goal. The theme is GAMING


What information should a fundraising goal tracker template include?

A thermometer goal tracker template should include your campaign goal, a donation tracker to record incoming funds, a timeframe for your campaign, a visual representation of progress (like a thermometer), and potentially, milestone markers to celebrate achievements along the way.

How often should I update my fundraising goal tracker template?

Regularly update your fundraiser tracking sheet. Daily or weekly updates are ideal, but even bi-weekly updates ensure you have a clear picture of your progress.

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