Excel-based Leaderboard FAQ

Commonly asked questions regarding leaderboards created via Excel upload

Yes, you can. To do so, you need a paid membership.

Update your original Excel file and then upload it again via the UPDATE EXCEL FILE button in the control panel. The leaderboard will then be updated.

The URL of the leaderboard will remain the same.

If we find a date or time in your Excel file, we will automatically format it for you. This may not always be the formatting you want. In this case, select the values and change the format of your date or time to Text in your Excel file.

Formatting a spreadsheet

There are several ways of customising the look of your board. You can

  • Choose one of the available themes
  • Change the colors of your board
  • Change the font of the board
  • Upload a logo to show at the top of the board
  • Define custom colors based on rank

If your leaderboard was not created via Excel upload, you can also:
* Upload an image to use as the background of the board * Set a custom image per player (a profile image) * Set a custom color per player

You can read more about this in the customization guide.

Do you want other people to see your board via a link? You can also share a read-only version! Click on the PUBLISH button in the control panel of your board. You will see the dialog below.

Your board has the following unique links, which you can copy to your clipboard.

  • The admin link. With this link you can configure the board and add scores.
  • The public link which you can share with people who should not be able to change scores or edit.
  • The restricted link which you can also share with other people. They can add and edit scores but do nothing else (e.g. changing the appearance or adding and deleting players).

Now you can send the link via WhatsApp, email or text message.

You can display your public board in full-screen mode by double-clicking the background of your board. Leave full-screen mode by pressing the ESC key or double-clicking again.

Are you showing the public view on a big screen and not all players are visible?

You can enable "auto-scrolling". This will automatically scroll through the players every few seconds. To do so, click on the SETTINGS button at the top and then on the "Engagement" tab. There you will find the option to enable auto-scrolling.

NOTE: Only the owner of a board can delete it.

  1. The owner needs to be logged in and on the homepage.
  2. Here the owner will see a list of boards stored in her account.
  3. Each list entry has a button named "DELETE".
  4. Click this button and confirm. The board will then be deleted forever!

Managing leaderboards

Sure! Read this post about adding widgets to web pages. This way the embedded board will always show the latest scores.

First, try ro reload the page whilst holding down the CTRL button. If that doesn't work, try clearing your browser cache.

If that still doesn't work, send us an email and we will help you out: [email protected]

Do you have a question, feedback, or a feature request? Great! We answer every message within 1 working day (sometimes on the weekend too). Write us an email