Quick start guide

Learn the basics of how to use Keepthescore.com, what's possible and whether it's the right tool for you

Keepthescore.com is a browser-based scorekeeper. You do not need to install an app to use it. It is optimised for mobile devices and will work great on your phone or tablet. Of course, it works great on a desktop too.

Keepthescore.com does not connect to any external data sources. All the scorekeeping is done manually in the browser.

The idea of keepthescore is that you create a scoreboard or leaderboard (or one of other types of boards) and can then share it with others: either so that they can keep score too or so that they see results.

2 main board types

There are 2 main types of boards available on Keepthescore.com:

  1. Live Sports Scoreboards - These are used used to keep track of scores in a live sports match. They are also suitable for showing scores in a live-stream, using software such as OBS or Streamlabs.
  2. Leaderboards - These are used to keep track of scores over time for individuals or teams. They are suitable for keeping track of scores in a competition, or to keep track of scores in a classroom. Below is a 3 minute video giving you an idea of how the leaderboards work.

How do I get started?

Want to dive right in?

  1. Decide on the type of scoreboard or leaderboard that best fits your needs. Read more here.
  2. Create the board in your browser. You can do that here.
  3. Change the scores, edit players or teams and customize the appearance of the board via your browser.

Every board is a stand-alone webpage which you can share with others or integrate as a web-overlay in a live stream, embed on webpage, or display on a TV.

What can I use Keepthescore.com for?

Here is a list of scenarios where KeepTheScore has been useful: