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Create your own Algicosathlon leaderboard

Everything you've ever want to know about Algicosathlons but have been afraid to ask. Including choosing a good scoreboard to display



What is algicosathlon?

Algicosathlon is a series of videos on Youtube created by various users. The first one was created by a person known as Cary Huang.

"Algicosathlon" means twenty (ico) events (sathlon) using Algodoo (Alg), which is a physics sandbox software.

In Cary's version, there were 16 athletes of different colors. Athletes would earn points based on how well they did in each individual event. After the end of each event, the athlete with the lowest amount of points would be eliminated. Points are multiplied by 1.5 (i.e. 100, 150, etc.) and are rounded if necessary.

Closely related is an "Algodecathlon", where 12 different-colored athletes participate in 10 events.

The original video

The original video which started the whoe craze was posted to Youtube in March 2016 and has over 4 million views.

Creating a leaderboard

If you want to create your own algicosathlon, then you'll need a leaderboard.

One option is to use Google Slides (see this tutorial).

Another option is to use the online leaderboard builder from It is very well-suited because the leaderboards support elimination and setting of colors per participant.

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