Start score-keeping for badminton in seconds

A beautiful scoreboard that runs in your browser. Great for streaming and live broadcasts. Free. No download. No install.

Simple, beautiful, ready to go

Create a badminton scoreboard in your browser and project it onto a monitor or big screen. Say goodbye to expensive and complex alternatives!

How does badminton scoring work?
A badminton scoreboard being shown on a television

Ideal for streaming

If you use software like OBS, StreamLabs or Wirecast to stream badminton games we've got you covered. Add scoreboards and score-bugs as web-overlays to your stream.

Add a scoreboard overlay to OBS
A scoreboard overlaid on a live-stream of a badminton game.

Control the scoreboard from any device

Share the admin link with your designated scorekeeper and they can instantly control the scores from a tablet, laptop, iPad or phone. No setup required!

Turn your device into a scoreboard
A mobile phone that is controlling a badminton scoreboard

Display a live badminton scoreboard anywhere

If you have a display that is capable of displaying a browser, you can show your scoreboard on it, no matter how large or small.

Turn your TV into a scoreboard
An outdoor badminton scoreboard. The scoreboard is being controlled by a web-browser

Make it yours

Give the scoreboard your school's or organization's visual identity. Set team logos and a scoreboard logo. You can customize any color on the scoreboard too.

Control panel for a football scoreboard in a web-browser

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Reasons for using KeepTheScore

Fully customizable

Set team colors, team logos and and a custom background color for a highly professional look.

Realtime scoring

Create a virtual scoreboard in seconds. You control the scoreboard in realtime from a browser window.

Easy sharing

Share your scoreboard by sending a link via email, WhatsApp or posting to social media. Anyone with the link will be able to follow the match in real-time.

No app install

Tired of installing apps? For this you only need a browser. Everyone can participate without installing anything. Really!

5 seconds to setup

To begin scoring a badminton game, click the button and you're ready to go. Try it yourself!

No signup required

Works without requiring your email or setting a password. You can create a login to safely store your boards.

What do our users say?

We use to update our livestream through OBS and it is FLAWLESS. I chose it because it was the easiest to incorporate into OBS and easiest to update. No installation needed, just adding a simple weblink and you’re up and running!

A happy user of our online score-keeper
Announcer for football games Clarendon, AR, USA

I use for an online Twitch event twice a year with roughly 300 players and it never lets me down! Scores are super easy to add or remove, the designs are very clean and other features such as adding images and easily being able to share a public link is what made me a loyal user of, truly nothing does it better!

A happy user of our online score-keeper
Event Organiser, USA

The scoreboard works amazingly well with OBS. Our scorekeeper has been very happy with how simple it is to operate and keep track. We have the output ran to a large TV and the audience is able to easily see the team names and score throughout our game.

A happy user of our online score-keeper
Tessa E.
Roller Derby Streamer, Texas, USA

KPPj8 is using to rank members club and participated players based on their ping pong playing performance calculated by KPPj8's Modified ELO Rating Points System. is easy to manage and perfectly to showcase players' ranking in style with photos.

A happy user of our online score-keeper
Aidi Azhar
Secretary, KPPj8 Sports, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

It's incredibly easy to add to my livestream and work with as part of the games that we stream on to Youtube. I have tried so many other scoreboards and this one finally JUST WORKED

A happy user of our online score-keeper
Games Streamer, Brazil

I've been using your scoreboard for my OBS broadcasts of my son's games It's been a game changer for me (I'm a one man show). I'm so happy you've added the ability to add logos.

A happy user of our online score-keeper
James M.
Hobby league broadcaster, USA