Create a beautiful leaderboard in seconds

Rank anything: competitions, sports and teams. Share the live results via link. Try for free with no sign-up.

Professional leaderboard maker

The leaderboards include several ready-made and professional looking themes. If you prefer a fun look instead, we've got that covered too.

See all themes here
3 different leaderboard themes. The leaderboard allows you to track scores online

Update your leaderboard from any device

You can update, edit and create boards from your laptop, desktop, mobile phone, iPad or tablet. It works on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. You just need a browser and internet!

Turn your device into a leaderboard
Updating a leaderboard from a mobile phone.

Ideal for classrooms and schools

Teachers: motivate your students, show progress, share results, foster gentle competition. Works great on Chrome OS.

How to create a classroom leaderboard
An ipad showing an online leaderboard that has been setup for use in schools and classrooms

Fully customizable leaderboards

You can choose your own brand colors as well as setting a color for each person on the leaderboard. You can also upload a logo and profile pictures for all participants.

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A rainbow-coloured leaderboard that has been integrated into a webpage as a widget

Cut-and-paste your data for maximum ease

You can import your data from anywhere using cut-and-paste. No complex integrations required!

Get started using Excel, Google Sheets
A leaderboard that shows data that has been imported from an Excel spreadsheet

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Reasons for using KeepTheScore

Animated and real-time

Guaranteed to WOW your audience. Awesome for live events. Works entirely in the browser without any special software required.

Collaborate and share

Sharing a scoreboard is as simple as sending a link via Whatsapp or email. You can also share a public (read-only) link.

No app install

Tired of installing apps? So are we. Everyone can participate without installing anything.

Fully customizable

Set the colors of the players, use your own brand colors and upload a logo or other image.

Live chat

Each leaderboard has the ability to show user comments, including animated gifs or other images.

Download as image

Download a high-resolution PNG image of your scoreboard or leaderboard any time to use in presentations or documents.

What do our users say?

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Wow guys, what a great app, thank you for all your work to get it up and running, I'm using it to stream my son's rugby games in South Africa!

A happy user of our online score-keeper

I want to thank you for making an amazing score board that my friends and I are going to use for quarterly 'friendship point' counts for silly things like weekly competitions and so forth.

A happy user of our online score-keeper

Hey I just wanna say you rock! I will use this for my students and there are 36 of them 😍. 90% of them are from less fortunate family so I had to think of something to encourage them to join my class.

A happy user of our online score-keeper

The added feature of being able to search for someone on a board is GENIUS! Thank you for constantly updating, love the service!

A happy user of our online score-keeper

I’ve created a leaderboard with a goal for the participants to achieve. Thanks for creating such a great feature.

A happy user of our online score-keeper

I was just recently looking for a leaderboard website for my students and I found your website just perfect for what am I looking for!

A happy user of our online score-keeper