Online Scoreboard FAQ

Commonly asked questions regarding scoreboards

Yes, you can. To do so, you need a paid membership.

This is a paid feature. Please consider a paid membership.

The display scoreboard is a view of your scoreboard that is shown to the public. It is the one that you can embed on your live stream or show on a projector.

You can access it by clicking on "GET SCOREBOARD LINK" at the top of your admin view. Once you have the link you can open it in a new browser tab, share it with others or embed it on your live stream.

💡 Tip: Double-click on the display scoreboard to make it go full-screen.

You have multiple options here, including using a streaming dongle, or using a HDMI cable.

Please read the TV scoreboard guide for more information.

You can share the admin link of your scoreboard with another person. They can then change the scores for the scoreboard. This is very useful if you are streaming a game and want someone else to keep score, or you are displaying the scoreboard on a projector or display.

To do so, click on the "SHARE ADMIN LINK" button at the top right of the controls panel. You can then copy the corresponding link and send it to someone else.

The timer can slow down or stop if the browser tab with the control panel for your scoreboard is not visible at all times. Ensure that the browser is not minimized or hidden behind another window to ensure smooth operation of the timer.

Please take a look at the scoreboard overlay guide to learn how to do this.

NOTE: Only the owner of a board can delete it.

  1. The owner needs to be logged in and on the homepage.
  2. Here the owner will see a list of boards stored in her account.
  3. Each list entry has a button named "DELETE".
  4. Click this button and confirm. The board will then be deleted forever!

Managing leaderboards

No, but we hope to add one soon. If you are interested in this, please let us know

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Click on the "GIVE FEEDBACK" button and enter your feedback in the dialog window.