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A free virtual queueing solution

Streamline your business with a free virtual queue solution. Quick setup, real-time tracking, and link-sharing for efficient customer management.


What Is Queue Management?

People waiting in line for a good or service. They are all looking at their mobile phones

A queue is any number of people waiting in a line for a service or item. With the advent of mobile devices, it has become possible to create "virtual" queues. This means people are part of a queue and waiting, but they do not need to be physically present and can do something more useful instead: no more standing in lines, customers can secure their place in the queue from the comfort of wherever they are.

Any software or app that enables virtual queuing can be used for "queue management".

Features of queue management apps

There are solutions out there which offer a large number of extra features, including:

  1. Appointment Scheduling and Reminders: Customers can book their slots, and the system sends out timely reminders.

  2. Priority Queueing: Allows businesses to prioritize specific customers based on predetermined criteria.

  3. Multichannel Queueing: Customers can join a queue through various channels, such as an app, website, or kiosk.

  4. Real-Time Queue Monitoring and Analytics: A dashboard for managers to oversee all active queues in real time and tools for data analysis and optimization.

  5. Staff Performance Tracking: Advanced systems may include features to manage and measure staff performance.

A simpler solution

What if you don't need these features, and just want your customers to know what position they are in the queue?

This is where can help. You can very easily create a "queue" number that is available on a unique link — which you customers can access on their mobile device. See an example link here.

You can update this number with a click and the update will be visible to everyone instantly. The only thing you need to do is give each customer a number so that they know where they are in the queue. Simple, no? Read on below for a creative solution using QR codes.

A queue management solution using gives you the option to theme and style your counter, as well as adding custom text.

To get started, click the button below:

Does it cost money? is free to use, but you will see some non-intrusive ads on the page. To remove the ads, you can pay around 10 USD. See the pricing here.

Case Study: Face-painting studio

Here's an example of how it can work in practice.

Rabbit Whole Studio is a face-painting studio that is active at fairs and shows. Because only 1 child can be painted at a time, it was necessary to find some kind of queuing solution.

A queue management solution using

Here's what they came up with:

  1. When a customer buys a face-painting session, they receive a lanyard with a card containing their number in the queue and a QR code with a link to a counter on
  2. The customer can then scan the QR code and will instantly see which number is currently being painted.
  3. As their own number approaches, they can make their way to the face-painting stall and await their turn.

Let us know if you are using another queuing app and what your experiences were below.