Click and number counters in the cloud

Fully customizable counters Share counts via link or embed on your website

All you need is a browser

Works entirely in the browser without any special software or app installs.

Collaborate, share, publish

Sharing or publishing your progress is as simple as sending a link via Whatsapp or email. Easy to add to any website.

Live chat

Each board has the ability to show comments, including animated gifs or other images.

Pricing to suit your needs

We offer a free plan (supported by ads), a monthly subscription, and a plan for one-time events.

Next-level tally counting

Easy to set up and with a bunch of themes and features. Upload your own image or logo to make your counter unique.

Tally counter in the cloud
A tally counter with a samurai theme

Allow multiple people to update the counter

The data is stored in the cloud meaning that multiple people can update and view the counter from different devices at the same time.

A tally counter with a soccer theme

Great for streamers

The counters are ideal for keeping track of wins, losses or deaths in games. Use them as a death counter in your next stream.

Create your own death counter
Game over text with skulls. Time for a death counter?

Why people love KeepTheScore

We host an annual fundraiser called Month of Giving. What generates the most excitement is a fundraising competition between local chapters of Metallica’s fan club. We use to provide daily updates and incentivize participating chapters to continue raising money. The tool is straightforward, easy to customize, and has become an invaluable part of our campaign. The customer service is among the best we’ve come across.

All Within My Hands: Non-Profit Organization Founded By Metallica
All Within My Hands
Non-Profit Organization Founded By Metallica

I use it for my own recreational stuff, and I find it extremely useful to keep track of scores as well as who’s winning the fictional competitions I run - great site!

Cato: Y12 Student, King Edward VII School, Sheffield, UK
Y12 Student, King Edward VII School, Sheffield, UK

We use to keep track of class points throughout the year. Classes can earn points for a variety of activities/behaviors. The class with the most points receives a pizza party. The kids enjoy the friendly competition and it motivates them to make good choices. Thanks for providing a fun, easy way to track and display points!

Ashley Ford: Church coordinator, Truth Quest @ Christian Family Chapel, Jacksonville, FL, USA
Ashley Ford
Church coordinator, Truth Quest @ Christian Family Chapel, Jacksonville, FL, USA

I use for an online Twitch event twice a year with roughly 300 players and it never lets me down! Scores are super easy to add or remove, the designs are very clean and other features such as adding images and easily being able to share a public link is what made me a loyal user of, truly nothing does it better!

Mircea: Event Organiser, USA
Event Organiser, USA

I am SUCH a fan of! I use it to keep the real-time participation score for my students in my Spanish classes. I found it back when we had the COVID-19 restrictions in classrooms. I went back to using with my classes last year, and they loved it! It was VERY motivational.

Stephanie: Spanish Teacher, A high school in West Virginia, USA
Spanish Teacher, A high school in West Virginia, USA

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What is an online click-counting app, and how does it work?

The counter runs entirely in your browser, so you don't have to worry about installing anything. You can share the public link of the counter with anyone. They will see the live counters in their browser.

How can I embed the counter on my website?

Create the counter first. Then click on the "PUBLISH" button at the top and follow the instructions.

Is the click-counting app free to use, or is there a subscription fee?

The app is ad-supported. You need to pay to use certain features.

Can multiple people use the counter at the same time, or is it limited to one user?

Multiple people can use the same counter at the same time. Great for when you're counting people at an event and have multiple entrances. The counter will synchronize the data automatically.

What is the maximum number of clicks the counter can count?

It can count up to 100.000.000. Better start counting right now!

Can I reset the click count to zero at any time?

Yes you can. There is RESET button in the "control panel" of your counter

Is the click-counting app compatible with all web browsers and devices?

Yes it is. It works flawlessly on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Can I customize the look and feel of the counter to match my website's branding?

Yes you can! You can change the colors, apply a them and even upload a logo.

Is there customer support available if I encounter any issues with the click-counting app?

Yes, please write us an email.