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Alternative to Spinify: Try Instead

Exploring alternatives to Spinify? Discover how can be an effective and simpler choice for your needs.


 Spinify Alternative

Spinify is a great sales tool due to its use of gamification strategies, which significantly boost sales team engagement and motivation.

However, maybe you are looking for something smaller and less expensive? Maybe you do not need complex integrations into your existing tools? In this post we will look at a low-cost, simple tool for creating and sharing leaderboards.

Spinify: What it does well

Spinify is recognized for enhancing sales team performance through the following features:

  • CRM Integration: Easily integrates with various CRM systems, offering a cohesive sales management experience.
  • Gamification and Engagement: Employs gamification strategies to engage and motivate sales teams effectively.
  • Visualization and Instant Recognition: Provides visualization tools and instant recognition for achieving sales goals.
  • Customizability for Sales Objectives: Highly customizable to align with specific sales objectives and team requirements.

Limitations of Spinify

While Spinify offers many advantages, there are aspects that might not suit all businesses:

  • Potential Complexity for Smaller Teams: Might be too complex for smaller teams or solo users.
  • Price Considerations: Could be expensive for businesses with limited budgets.
  • Learning Curve: The variety of features might require a learning period.
  • Focus on Sales Metrics: Emphasis on sales metrics could overshadow other performance aspects.
  • The tool is slow Users have been known to complain about slow loading times.

What does Spinify cost?

As of 2024, Spinify's pricing for their sales engagement and gamification platform starts at $70 USD per month, billed annually at $840 USD. This base plan includes 5 seats, with each additional seat costing $12 USD per user per month.

Advantages of as an alternative provides a simpler, more accessible alternative:

  • Cost-Effective: Free basic version and reasonable pricing for additional features.
  • Simple Setup: User-friendly and quick setup process.
  • No Account Requirement: Accessible without needing an account.
  • Flexible Integration: Easy to embed leaderboards on various platforms, offering adaptability. is ideal for sales teams seeking an uncomplicated, cost-effective way to track and encourage performance.

How to create a sales leaderboard

 Sales leaderboard on

Creating a sales leaderboard on involves the following steps:

  1. Click the above button to input your leaderboard's basic details.
  2. Add the names of your team members in the provided field.
  3. Press "CREATE LEADERBOARD" to view your new leaderboard.
  4. Customize the leaderboard in the settings: select themes, adjust colors, fonts, and add a background image.
  5. Enable autoscroll for public display and full-screen view as needed.
  6. For paid members, additional customization options like uploading images and logos are available.

This process offers simplicity and personalization for tracking sales performance.

💡 Tip: If you have paid membership you can also upload images and logos to your leaderboard.
🚀 If our standard leaderboards are not what you require, we also build fully-customized solutions: find our more here.

Conclusion is a viable option for those seeking a straightforward, budget-friendly solution for sales performance tracking, contrasting with the more feature-rich and complex Spinify.