Blog > 23 October, 2022

Changes to pricing and payment is switching to a subscription model

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Keepthescore has switched to subscription payments.

Here is what that means:

  • You can now buy a premium membership for either 7 days or a recurring subscription (which renews every month or every 6 months).
  • If you have an active premium membership, then all boards you create (or have created in the past) will be premium boards with all the premium features.
  • Once your membership expires, your boards will revert to being "free" boards.
  • Every board has an "owner" (the person who created it). If the owner has a premium membership, then the board is premium. Only the owner can make a board premium.
  • Payment via PayPal is now available 🥳.

Before the changes described above, you paid a fee to "upgrade" a scoreboard or leaderboard — which then stayed upgraded forever. As I came to realise, this was not generating enough revenue to pay my bills. I am a one-man show, after all. Any boards you have "upgraded" before subscriptions were introduced will remain upgraded and are not affected by these changes.

Please let me know if you have feedback, thoughts or questions on these changes by commenting below.

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