October 2023 Update: Universal scoreboards and more

Announcing universal scoreboards and other updates

05 November, 2023 Product news


Hello! 👋

Welcome to the monthly round-up for Keepthescore.com. You may not know this but Keepthescore.com is a one-man show. It's one guy (me) doing the coding, the support, the design — and writing this newsletter.

Here's what happened in October.

New "Universal" scoreboard type

The old "generic" scoreboard has been replaced with what I'm calling the universal scoreboard.

The new universal scoreboard

This scoreboard type has lots of options making it suitable for a wide variety of scenarios. It also comes with 2 layouts:

  • Scorebug layout: for use in a live screen
  • Scoreboard layout: this fills the entire height and width of your browser window and is perfect for showing on a TV or display.

New leaderboard settings

You may have noticed that the control panel for leaderboards now contains all consolidated settings for configuring your leaderboard: including setting colors for the board, rank colors and much more. As part of this change, there is now a third configurable color.

Is this an improvement? Please let me know.

The changes that were teasered in the last newsletter are still being worked on. Specifically:

  • The option to upload you own image as a background
  • The ability to choose fonts and font sizes
  • and more!

Stay tuned!

That's all folks

Let me know your thoughts on the above or anything else... just reply to this mail.

So long for now,