April Update: baseball and volleyball scoreboards are here! 🍾

Try out our new baseball, softball and volleyball scoreboards for free

08 May, 2023 Product news


Hello! 👋

Welcome to the monthly round-up for Keepthescore.com. You may not know this but Keepthescore.com is a one-man show. It's one guy (me) doing the coding, the support, the design — and writing this newsletter.

Here's what happened in April.

Baseball and softball scoreboards are here!

Next-generation baseball scoreboard

The "next-generation" scoreboards are live. You can try out the baseball, softball and volleyball scoreboards by clicking the orange buttons below — but before you do, please read on!

What's changing for the "next-generation" scoreboards?

Big changes are coming to the sports scoreboards. Read on for more information and let me know what you think! Please comment below or email us.

Streaming for the win 🏆

Going forward, all sports scoreboards are going to be optimized for streaming. This means that there will no longer be 2 "views" for a scoreboard but only one. This view will work great as a web-overlay in a live stream. However, you will still be able to use this view as a "stand-alone" scoreboard, even if you're not a streamer.

New layout

The next-generation scoreboards have a preview of the scoreboard as well as the controls and setup all on one screen. What do you think of this?

Next-generation baseball scoreboard

Our existing scoreboards (basketball, soccer and multi-sport) will continue to function with the old design for now. Instead I will be releasing new sports scoreboards with the "next-generation" design and features.

The following new scoreboards will be released in the next few weeks :

  1. Football
  2. Ice hockey
  3. Tennis

NOTE: Eventually, all scoreboards will be switched to the new design.

Other news

  • Leaderboards now support milliseconds as a unit (previously it was just seconds)
  • Basketball scoreboards now include a timeout counter

That's all folks

Let me know your thoughts on the above or anything else... just reply to this mail.

So long for now, Caspar